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The Life Forest Society (Excerpt from "The Show"-One-Day-I-want-To-Be-A-Novel)

In these near apocalyptic times of growing deserts and rising sea levels, there was a tiny community that tried to make a difference. 

They called themselves the Life Forest Society. Every birth of a child was greeted by planting a tree in its name. Henceforth, the parents had to plant a tree for every birthday of the child. So as the child grew, a little wood grew in its name. There was a Henry‘s Wood and a Mariella‘s Wood and several Ann‘s Woods and Thomas‘ Woods. Each year new woods were started and you could really see which names were popular in that particular decade. As soon as a child became an adult, there was a huge celebratory "rite de passage", in which the now young adult would take over the responsibility of planting one tree per year in their wood as well as looking after the existing trees or replacing them if necessary. A loving bond formed between the trees and the humans caring for them. The trees became equal to children. If you walked through the different woods in the Life Forest Society habitat, not only would you know how old the person belonging to it was, you would also notice their passing as certain forests stopped to grow. Some consisted of impressive numbers like 97 trees. Others wouldn‘t grow beyond three. 

In these near apocalyptic times of growing deserts and rising sea levels, it was no surprise that the vast majority of this globe‘s population thought of the Life Forest Society members as delusional and absolute nutcases.

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